How do I create an email alias?

How do I create an email alias?

What is an email alias?

Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions faculty and staff generally receive emails using their JHED ID followed by or Email aliases are addresses that allow you to forward emails from one mail account to another. They are often used as a replacement for long or difficult to remember addresses. 

How do I create an email alias?

To view and edit your email alias, complete the following:

1. Go to the myJH homepage at and log in using your JHED Login ID and password.

2. Visit the Email Alias page.

3. Read the statement and click the I Accept This Policy button.

4. This page displays descriptions regarding your Hopkins Delivery Address and Email Alias.

5. To add an alias to your current email, enter a Custom Address and click the Update button.

6. Add additional alias in the fields below. Click Update when finished.

7. Verify confirmation that your update completed.